• Leveraging our relationship in the oil and gas industry to create top quality investment opportunities.
  • Ensuring our capital dollars are invested in oil and gas wells, achieving a low cost overhead position through the use of state-of-the-art technology and automation.
  • Extracting ample benefits of vertical integration by partnering with companies who generate oil and gas prospects. 


Boardman Energy Partners is a client and partner focused company and our mission is to be the investment partner of choice to high net worth clients and industry partners. Boardman Energy Partners brings together investors seeking opportunities in the oil and gas industry with best in class production operations in the company's prospect areas.


 Exploration, production AND MARKETING of oil and gas

Boardman Energy Partners, LLC (BEP) is a privately held limited liability company engaged in the exploration, production of oil and gas reserves in several states and internationally.

Although Boardman Energy Partners is a relatively young company, the long term experience of our management team in areas of finance, risk management, and operations in the oil and gas industry has provided us a prominence in the oil and gas industry comparable to much longer established companies.

From an investment perspective, our objective is to continue growing our profitability and cash flows through: